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Project Reviews
WalshSE performs Project Reviews as independent third-party evaluations of documents for hospitals, schools, commercial, institutional, and multi-story residential buildings. We draw on our extensive design experience to provide realistic and useful evaluations, with a proper sense of balance between the reviewer and the engineer of record.
-Design/Coordination Review is intended to determine if the structure can be constructed from the documents without major change orders in the field, and if the design in the structural calculations is the same as what is shown on the construction documents. The objective is to catch mistakes before they get to the field.
-Peer Review is intended to provide an increased level of confidence in the compatibility of the design criteria with the project objectives, the quality of design and design approach, the quality of documentation, and in structural performance.
-Constructability Review focuses on maximizing simplicity, economy, speed of construction, and the integration of architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical systems; while considering site conditions, code restrictions, and the owner's requirements.
-Value Analysis is intended to result in more cost-effective systems and details.
-Plan Checking involves reviewing documents for compliance with the governing code and other requirements imposed by the governing jurisdiction.

Litigation Support
WalshSE offers expert counsel on issues and techniques related to structural and earthquake engineering, with a dedication to finding the cause of problems and communicating the issues in a clear and concise manner.
John has been retained as a structural engineering expert on over 300 cases throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona. Designated as an expert for developers, contractors, subcontractors, and owners, we provide balanced, well-reasoned and practical solutions to construction litigation issues.

Building Design
John's success in design is due to active collaboration with the design team from concept design through construction. Our ability to translate technical knowledge into easily understood terms promotes informed decisions, and careful listening to our clients enables us to create appropriate, timely, and affordable solutions. Our design work also encompasses existing building evaluations, investigation of distressed structures, and seismic risk analysis. Project types include hospitals, schools, commercial, institutional, and multi-story residential buildings.